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[Quality assurance of]

The company's products from within one year from the date of delivery, quality and shelf life for the special case of further negotiation.

[Range of quality assurance]

During shelf life, due to the responsibility of the supplier and the damage caused by the failure, repairs are replacement of the part of the responsibility of the supplier. In addition, the following conditions are caused by the fault does not belong to the scope of the warranty:

(1) The failure caused by improper users (including third-party damage caused by improper behavior)

(2) supply-side failure is due to causes other than product.

(3) non-factory for re-election and repair, or a factory does not recognize the election and repairs.

(4) The other force majeure due to non-liability of the company.

[Quality assurance of post]

After the warranty expires, the factory still onsite service, but customers need to take the burden of maintenance costs of parts and man-hours.

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